Coollamas are unique 3D digital collectibles characters which are minted into Non-Fungible Tokens with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain. Coollamas project is owned by Bear-labs NY

We will be minting our NFTs on the Solana network because of the many advantages it has over the Ethereum network

Solana has much faster processing power, it is highly scalable, the transaction fees are extremely low and the transaction speed is extremely high, and it has a huge potential for further innovation.


Coollamas is a Genesis collection of coolest looking 3D llamas

There will only be a max supply of 150 genesis coollamas

Yes, Coollamas holders will be rewarded through out the life cycle of project
Incentives planned so far are
1-1 Match during 5000 Llama Familia drop
10,000 Bear tokens after the IDO
Super features in Llama-Life gaming platform

Although Llama familia is a extension of Coollamas, its a seperate collection which adds story line to our gaming platform. This Collection will be available to mint for the public in Q1 of 2022

Coollamas are a verified collection on SolSea and Digitaeyes platforms

Coollamas will always be listed at 8 SOL, If the floor price is 10SOL, New batch of Coollamas will be listed at 10 SOL so that its fair for our initial investors.

Each Coollama is uniquely designed and created one by one. These are not automatically generated through coding, so each Llama will have its own rare trait. The public will hold the true value of what is most rare. But there will be obvious visual traits that will be more unique with each Coollama.

Yes, please check #Roadmap section

Bear token is the currency that will be used in our Llama-Life gaming platform, All Coollama and Llama -familia holders will be awarded these tokens to be able to use in the gaming platform